Welcome to Bostin’ Bakery, I am Liz, the founder and Baker in Chief!
I am based in Willenhall, part of the Black Country, where the word ‘Bostin’ means smashing, which is a pretty accurate description of our Cookies.  
For over 10 years I have worked as a freelance musician, and regularly took baked goods for the rest of the band to share in the interval, when Covid-19 hit in March 2020, I was left with two problems, too much time and too much cake!
I started posting various bakes out to friends and family to cheer them up, and these cookies became the firm favourite. It was suggested that maybe this had legs (who doesn’t like getting cookies in the post?!) and at the end of July 2020, after a food hygiene certification, many test batches and hours of conversations about cardboard boxes, Bostin’ Bakery was launched.
We started because I love baking, and we’re still here because you love it too!